July 20, 2022

Economic Development

This article explains economic development an industry run by the government. Economic development is a concerted effort to influence private sector investment in a region, nation, or locality. Its goal is to improve the standard of living of residents, citizens, and entire communities. However, what exactly is economic development? What are its benefits and challenges? […]

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June 24, 2022

Michael E. Kirst | What Does It Mean to Have Economic Development?

Michael E Kirst pointed out that economic and social development is the process of improving the overall well-being of a nation, a region, a local community, and an individual. The process involves addressing the causes and obstacles that impede progress and are done through the application of economic principles. Economic development can be implemented by […]

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May 12, 2022

Carbon Reducing Technologies

    According to Michael E. Kirst, as the world struggles with climate change, the development of new carbon reducing technologies is essential for our planet. These include CCS, LED lighting, High-performance windows, and advanced nuclear reactors. But which ones are right for our planet? Here are five of the most promising options:   CCS […]

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