Michael E. Kirst | What Does It Mean to Have Economic Development?

Michael E. Kirst

June 24, 2022


Michael E Kirst pointed out that economic and social development is the process of improving the overall well-being of a nation, a region, a local community, and an individual. The process involves addressing the causes and obstacles that impede progress and are done through the application of economic principles. Economic development can be implemented by governments and businesses to boost a nation’s economy, increase the quality of life, and promote social cohesion. Although the process has numerous benefits, the results are generally measured in human life rather than financial resources.

Community economic development by Michael E. Kirst

The field of study known as community economic development is active in eliciting community involvement in developing a community’s industry, market, and government sectors. Community economic development helps to create strong markets and industries that will benefit the community. It combines the efforts of residents and private sector leaders to create a thriving economy. Here are some of the goals of community economic development:

To enhance the economic status of a community, it should focus on the local needs. Michael E Kirst asserts that, the objectives of community economic development must be multi-faceted, taking into account social, environmental, and political factors. The approach should be based on local knowledge and resources and develop economic opportunities in local areas. The objectives of community economic development include addressing the needs of low-income residents, businesses, and public services, and fostering the local economy.

Foreign aid for economic development by Michael E. Kirst

Michael E. Kirst emphasized that this paper examines the relationship between foreign aid and growth in developing countries. It shows that foreign aid can foster economic growth even without an enabling policy environment. This type of foreign aid is intending to promote investment, which in turn leads to higher GDP per capita. Despite the implication that foreign aid is not necessarily effective for economic growth, it does help to facilitate investment and growth. However, it also suggests that more research is necessary before relying on cross-country regressions.

However, this theory ignores the possibility that developing countries could misuse the money that has been provided. For example, a recipient government might misuse foreign aid funds to use their contractors and companies. To abroading instead of implementing development projects that will help the nation to improve its economy. And there is also a risk that foreign aid may  misuse and abused by corrupt officials and leaders in recipient countries. The misuse of foreign aid money could taint the development process in the recipient country and impede the implementation of key policies.

Impact of technology on economic development by Michael E. Kirst

Technological advancements have led to a reduction in the number of employees in organizations and reduced the need for low-skilled labor. In some countries, automation and digital advances have reduced the number of employees and the need for manual labor. Michael E Kirst these developments have resulted in wage inequality, and monetary inequalities have increased. Fast-growing economies have reduced the money gap between them, but the growing inequality has created new challenges for economic integration.

Various technological advances have also  link to increased productivity and income. Many economists have estimated that technological change accounts for two-thirds of the increase in the U.S. economy. These changes are considering primary sources of economic development and contribute to the development of underdeveloped countries. While the importance of capital and labor is obvious, the impact of these innovations may overlook if we want to develop a nation’s economy.

Professionals in the field of economic development

As an economic development specialist, you’ll focus on the quality of life and overall well-being of a community. You’ll work in a variety of settings, including government, private corporations, workforce agencies, and public-private partnerships. The Basic Economic Development course at USF prepares.  You may for this wide variety of jobs and can be a great start for a career in this field. In addition to preparing you for the wide variety of jobs in this field, this course will also teach you how to use the tools of sustainable growth and development to help communities improve their quality of life.

Michael E. Kirst remarked that as an economic developer, you will help communities prepare for the inevitable challenges of an economy. This means helping businesses and organizations plan, promoting foreign investment, and facilitating trade between countries. Economic development professionals also work as information providers and provide local businesses, educational institutions, and community groups with relevant information about their communities. They also work to improve their community’s quality of life through the promotion of local businesses and industries. By leveraging these resources, you’ll be able to develop a community that is sustainable for everyone.

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